Starbucks’ Salted Caramel frappe is pretty good.

After n attempts to leave Tumblr which is probably the most awesome place on the Internet, I think (for real this time), I made it! Who knew that was ever going to happen? I moved mostly because I wanted some change, and this is as far as I can go.

So for the past few days I have done nothing but bum around the house, enjoying (or wasting away, depends on your perspective) my precious days of sembreak. Or at least I think it’s my sembreak, there’s this one subject that might or might not have finals. So far no e-mail has arrived and we’re all assuming none would come and that we all passed the course. Anyway, one of my chosen methods of enjoying and/or wasting away my sembreak is watching my favorite sitcoms! Modern Family, New Girl. How I Met Your Mother, and some Big Bang Theory! Now that’s a fun (and also kinda sad) way of celebrating the end of a semester.

Hmm. Perhaps I should get out of the house again.

In other news, Christmas is coming! A season that gives people an excuse to buy not-so-cheap frappuccinos that will get them planners they won’t write in and vouchers they’ll never use. Hooray!

(Note: You may (re)visit the awesomesauce that is my old blog here.)

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