That one time we tried to join CebuPac’s backpacking promo!

A few weeks ago, some friends and I were trying to get into Cebu Pacific’s exciting Juan For Fun! promo. You form a team of three, upload a 3-min video, they pick three teams, and if you’re chosen, you’re off to a fun-filled week of travel – at no cost! It’s a backpacking challenge and we really wanted to get in!

At first we toyed around with crazy and hard-to-pull-off concepts. Then we tried to come up with a storyboard! Afterwards we planned on the locations for our shoot. On the day itself, we mostly threw all plans away and shot what we felt like shooting. Apparently three minutes is not enough to cram the crazy ideas we had, or at least not for amateurs like us.

It took a total of three days for us to plan, shoot, edit and finalize the video. It took quite a while  considering it’s just a 3-minute film, but we kept postponing the editing part due to acads. I share with you now some not-so-behind-the-scenes photos during the shoot. We shot – where else but – the vast lands of UP Diliman!


Meet Adventure!, our dearest mascot! His existence just proved that if you put huge eyes on practically anything such as on a random carton box, it will look cute.


Team Extreme!


My shoes, Gielyn’s, my phone, and the green green grass beside the University Avenue. This place is a favorite of many for shooting pre-nups, cosplays, debuts, or whatever really. Great place!


Me taking a photo of me using the 50mm! Hand-span. Tripod-span!


Adventure! photobombing like a boss!


The little guys at the Amphitheater.


Towards the end of the shoot, some kids approached us because of the mascot. We got them to participate a little. Sadly we didn’t get to use that clip for the final video, but I might upload it sometime.


More photos of the kids! Followed by one of my favorite photos ever!


This one! It’s so candid and fun and alive and I just really like it! And we were really having fun at this point, even if it was quite hot and humid. Fun!

Needless to say, we didn’t get picked. Aww. But I’m so happy about the film! It’s not at all perfect but it’s quite fun. Haha! The production of the 3-minute video would not be possible of not for the kind hearts of Ate Marj and Jude who helped us even if we had absolutely nothing to offer in return! Not even a bottle of water! Thanks so much!

Here’s the video if you want to see it!

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