Weekend Stay-cation at BGC

L-l-long weekend!

Everything in the city felt relatively new, the shops, the mall, the hotels, and it seems it’s continuously being developed. At the time there were around 5 buildings under construction. Being the city lover that I am, (big buildings and busy streets amaze me) I wanted to keep roaming around till late in the evening. Of course that couldn’t happen. The afternoon “stroll” was wonderful though!

One thing I now know about BGC: it’s a great place to walk your dog if you have one. If you don’t, well you’d want to have one at some point. It’s like a parade out there with all sorts of dogs from small would-fit-in-a-bag types to really big ones. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s not a mixed-breed in sight.

We saw the cutest ones! My dad said they looked like “d0g-bears” if that makes sense. The owners were too nice, letting people take photos and hold the dogs while they just lay there. Aww!

Just adorable!

The numerous shops and restaurants and the fact that the weather was absolutely perfect when we strolled around (cloudy with some wind) gave us a fun and interesting two days. But what I really loved, one of the true highlights of the stay-cation was getting to browse Fully Booked. A four-story building filled with books and CDs and DVDs even and old plakas – pure joy. I was so overwhelmed when we got in I can’t even. What.

Because my sister and I loved books (and because we were sad we only got to stay for a short while), we came back the following day and stayed there for around two, three hours, just going around, browsing, ninja-reading the photography and graphic design and manga (for her) that we would not and could not purchase.

We even found some time to gatecrash (well not really gatecrash, it doesn’t require an invitation but we didn’t know anyone so we felt we were gatecrashing) an exhibit on the top floor. It’s by a group of students from CSB. We’re just fascinated by people who can actually create art!

There was this guy who can draw up something like this in seconds using… a tablet? I don’t know what you call. He draws on the screen itself. A touchscreen? Whatever. Art, whether traditional or digital, is amazing.

Back to Fully Booked, what I really like about the place is how they don’t really reprimand you for reading or sitting on the floor. Or they rarely do. We got asked to stand up once, which was annoying since I barely get that at other branches. (Frequent ninja-reader here!) Books are love! Sadly I don’t read as much nowadays as I used to way way back but I’m trying to get back into it.

For our last morning there, my sister and I enjoyed the pool at another place we stayed at. The Luxe Residences sadly isn’t all that when it comes to the rooms (it’s not really a hotel but more of a condo), but their pool tries so hard to make up for it!

What a long weekend!

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