“That One Fish Dish from Bonne Grey That’s Just Wow” and other first day photos

As I write this, we’re two days into the new semester and I am finally getting past my travel hangover. I must say I am coping much better this time! Still regret not spending those ringgits only to know they’ll lose value when I convert it back to pesos. Definitely should have bought those on-sale shoes/bags/shirts.

But there’s no use crying over spilled milk, so here I am sharing with you the first batch of (carefully selected) photos (there are thousands) from our recently concluded Malaysia Trip!

Our first views of (Peninsular) Malaysia! Trees! Trees everywhere!

Unlike in the Philippines, their airport is very far from the city center. From KLIA, we had to travel for around one and a half hours to get to our hotel at Jalan Punchak.

It was raining the entire time! We happened to travel during the rainy season – very hot and humid in the mornings, almost always raining in the afternoon and evenings. Not the best weather conditions for getting around the city but we hoped for the best.

We stayed at the Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, marked as a five-star hotel but sadly didn’t seem like it. To be fair, they were undergoing some repairs and construction during the time so maybe they weren’t in their top form.

That evening, we ate in what became one of my favorite dining places in Malaysia: Bonne Grey! It is located in the ground floor of a commercial complex just a short walk from our hotel. We came across the place by chance, not really knowing where the great eats are. We decided to take a chance on this very empty restaurant – thought at least it’s French/Italian so the cuisine isn’t so unfamiliar – and was pleasantly surprised!

They’re all smiles but they are actually, I as well, very hungry by this point!

We’re so glad when the food arrived! See how no one’s even given a care about the camera? Haha kidding! (Pero totoo talaga e. Lol!)

The place is great! I like the lighting, the interiors, and the food!

This dish is amazing! It’s just fish, and quite a common fish actually, but it was really good! Made with love? Haha!

We were very full but there’s always room for dessert!

Their desserts were too yummy! These are their Chocolate Mousse and Mango Vanilla Mousse. (It looks like cake but I really remember it was labeled ‘mousse’. ) Weirdly, latter tasted more like cheesecake though in a very good way!

As we exited the building, we noticed the KL Tower, one of the iconic landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. Though the tower is actually next to our hotel, it looked best from a few streets away. It was even more beautiful in the evening!

Afterwards, it was already quite late. Time to go back to the hotel and enjoy the comfort of our beds. On our way though I noticed this:

I had no idea why there’s a camel there. I didn’t bother asking anyone and I haven’t researched it up to now. I might Google it later. It was just really hilarious to me at the time, randomly seeing lights in the shape of a camel on the side of a building. Haha!

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