Our first “Good Morning, Malaysia!” and the road trip to Genting Highlands!

In most of our trips, the first day is reserved for just a little strolling. Unless we are going with a guide, we just take photos, eat out, and try to get a feel of the place. That thing I used to hate, because I always felt that we could rest all we want when we’re home, and that we have to do all we can do with out time there. But since we arrived quite late the previous night, it made sense to just rest.

So our first real day started on the 30th. There was only one place on our itinerary: Genting Highlands! Little one and I were really excited since we read there would be lots to do and that it would be very cold!

A snap of the view from our window.

My mom wanted to see the view from the rooftop and take pictures. There was supposed to be a bar there the previous evening, the Luna Bar, but it was closed due to renovations. Located in the same area is the swimming pool, which was also unavailable.

The roof deck offered a great view of the city. From there, I could understand why Pacific Regency Suites is a five-star hotel. I might have judged it too harshly due to the ongoing construction. It was actually nice! You could see the KL Tower just beside the building, the Petronas some kilometers away, and the whole Kuala Lumpur skyline.

I loved it! I always loved big cities and tall buildings!

After the photo-taking, we had our breakfast at the hotel’s cafe. All five of us ordered the Nasi Lemak, having read it on their free tourist guidebooks as the Malaysian’s favorite meal to start the day. They really love it a lot and apparently it’s their National Dish. Over the next few days, we would see it in almost every menu as long as the restaurant features Malaysian cuisine. It’s like their tapsilog.

The Nasi Lemak is composed of rice cooked in coconut milk, peanuts, anchovies or dilis, some kind of spicy sauce, and an egg. Depending on the variation, there is chicken or some other protein included, usually curry. The one above is a not-so-complicated version, having only the slightly spicy sauce and no meat. I was glad to find that it was really good! I’m not quite sure if the others like it but I did!

Before heading off to Genting, we first went to Traders Hotel. We would be checking in the following day and they were only too glad to take care of our extra luggage for the night. From there, we took a taxi to the highlands!


The tourist taxis, or limos as they call it, is perhaps the most convenient mode of transport of groups of five people. Unlike by bus which takes 1.5-2 hours, taxis take only 45 minutes, plus you can ask them to stop at certain places for photo-taking! When the fare’s split, it costs not too much higher than commuting. Okay, the marginal difference is somewhat significant if you’re a backpacker, but since I’m travelling with my parents… Haha!

We stopped by the Chocolate Gallery which according to the driver is visited frequently by tourists. I saw some Durian Chocolates! We didn’t buy any chocolate however. What interested us more is what we saw outside the shop.

They had the sweetest langka! We wish we bought more! Haha! 

Next we went to the Strawberry Leisure Farms! Admission is free! It’s only if you want to go strawberry-picking that you’d have to pay. You’ll be given a basket and a pair of scissors and off picking you go!

Never stops taking photos, my mom. Haha! 

While I was there I kept singing in my head “… strawberry fields forever”. Just that line! I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics!

If we have dried mangoes, they have dried strawberries! Are there any of those here?

If you don’t want to go picking, they’re also selling these fresh strawberries arranged neatly in rows on a tray and packaged in plastic. These are way redder, so I assume sweeter, than most of the ones available for picking.

Although entrance is free, they gain their profit from all the shops inside. See once you enter, you can’t exit through the same side. We had to go around what seems to be the entire farm to get to the exit! Along the way you’d pass by the strawberry gift shop, a place with other crops (forgot what sorry!) and the gift shop for that, an eatery with ice cream stalls, tea stalls, and more, a mushroom farm, and a mushroom shop! It’s okay though because all the places are interesting enough.

We fell for the trick! Carla and I bought some ice cream! This one here is like a mix of most of the different flavors. It’s from Wall, their ‘Selecta’. Then we went to the Mushroom Farms!

They grow their mushrooms in these kind of containers. Eventually it starts pushing out and looks like this…

We were in too much of a rush by the time we got to the mushroom farm so I couldn’t take a lot of photos! Too bad! The place was awesome. They were growing different kinds of mushrooms, way unlike the familiar wood-ear and shiitake and button mushrooms I know! In the mushroom souvenir shop following this area, there’s a table with samples of the different kinds plus details and trivia about it. The one table is like a mini-mini-museum!

Sadly, we really had to go! Remember that we’re just asking the taxi to wait. After we got through all the shops and finally reached the exit, we we’re back on our way to Resorts World Genting!

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