Loving the cold winds and the fog at Genting Highlands!

We had finally arrived at the destination that excited us so much – Resorts World Genting at Genting Highlands! It was such a refreshing escape from the hot and humid city that is Kuala Lumpur.

This is our first look at where we’ll be staying, First World Hotel. It used to hold the Guinness World Record for the largest hotel by rooms with its 6,118 hotel rooms! It’s only the fourth largest now but still very impressive!

The cool thing about it is how you can get rooms without air conditioning at cheaper rates. They’re perfect because, given the altitude, all you have to do is open the windows and the room will be very cold! 17 degrees at one point, yo!

We all got ourselves All Park Passes! Unlimited rides for the Indoor and Outdoor Theme Parks! Sadly, a few of the more extreme rides were closed at the time. Boo! It was okay though. We still got the most out of our money. We did everything we could with the limited time we had!

Knowing the others aren’t exactly game for the extreme rides, we rode every one that was available to us – Family Rides! Carla and I (forced) convinced everyone to join in! My mom and dad and Tita Dory and the two of us were enjoying the Dumbo ride with 5-8 year old kids!

There were five of us so daddy had to ride one by himself. Just look at how the ride’s really for kids! I wonder what people were thinking! Ha ha ha!

There’s our hotel again! Here you can see the lake for their River Boat and Bump Boat rides, the track for some closed ride, and the track for the Floating Wood Splashing Thing!

On the way to an attraction, I saw this and immediately asked Cai to snap a picture. I could not comprehend why there were French kissing snakes there. Ha ha ha! Okay, say they’re not exactly kissing, let alone French kissing, but WHY put in something that could me mistaken for that?!

Caught unprepared!

The fog was starting to come down on us! Photo taken while on the (slowest moving) Ferris Wheel ever.

You are never ever too old for the Carousel!

The fog was upon us! We rushed back indoors right after this. It was around 5:45 PM. We suddenly understood why they said the Outdoor Park will be closed at 6. The fog made it unable to see farther than a few strides before you. It was almost all white! The experience is hard to describe. All too amazing!

It was Halloween when we were there so Resorts World has these zombies perform. Unfortunately for us, we were eating during the time they were performing onstage and there was this huge line of shops blocking the view! As we ate, we could hear Gangnam Style playing and people cheering. Once we were done, the performance was over as well! All we were able to do is have these photos taken. Haha! Fierce! 

That was it! So many of the rides we went on have not been posted here, mostly because I failed to take good enough photos. Argh!  Even more sad was that a few of the more exciting rides were closed, and no one wanted to go with me on the more thrilling rides. Oh well! Haha! Still, all things considered, it had been a great day! 

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